Air conditioner buyers guide and buying tips

Air conditioner buyers guide and buying tips

Air conditioner buyers guide and buying tips

This article will give you buying tips for when you consider purchasing a new air conditioner.

Buying tips and buyers guide when purchasing a new air conditioner

I’ll give you a rough guide how to choose an air conditioner. It’s pretty hard to make the right choice for an air conditioning and if you’re buying an ac these are several tips that might be helpful.

Air conditioner capacity

The first thing that you need to do decide what the capacity of the air condtioner is needed for the room where it will be used. Make sure you don’t just buy a red conditioner because you like the color. Have close look at my tips in the article ‘How to select the proper size air conditioner unit‘ if you doubt what size fits with the air conditioner capacity.

Air conditioner energy star rating

When you are reviewing a number of air conditioning units be sure to look at the star rating. The energy star rating is an important indicator because the higher the star rating, the lower the consumption will be.

AC park consumption for inverter technology

The AC park consumption is very important because of their inverter technology. Inverter technology is designed in such a way that it can save 30-50% of electricity (units consumed) over a regular air conditioner. So an inverter AC gives you a great saving on the energy bill although they are a little more expensive when you want to buy a new air conditioner.
With a converter AC when you set the temperature after some time the temperature is almost constant and you don’t get huge spikes or something.

Noise levels of air conditioning units

The actual noise levels and decibels and most of the AC’s will specify that the lower the value of noise levels, the better the quality of the air conditioners.

Check out the offers of several air conditioners below and the buyers guide video for buying your air conditioning unit.

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