Trump's smart Cabinet picks will 'Make America Great Again'

Trump's smart Cabinet picks will 'Make America Great Again'

The New York Times and other left-wing national media have been hyperventilating for some time that Donald TrumpDonald TrumpLevin will step down as top Democrat on Ways and Means Overnight Healthcare: House GOP in driver’s seat for ObamaCare replacement Flag burning is just another PR stunt for the media to cover MORE is somehow backing away from his campaign promises.

First to go was his pledge to repeal and replace ObamaCare, remember? NBC News ran that headline less than one week after the election, based on comments by the president-elect that he liked ObamaCare provisions that guaranteed insurance to people with pre-existing conditions and that allowed children under 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance.

But now, with the appointment of Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services announced on Monday, that canard falls by the wayside. Dr. Price, an orthopedic surgeon, has led the House Republican Caucus braintrust to find innovative replacements for ObamaCare since that abomination first became law.

His job description at HHS? Repeal and replace ObamaCare, Day 1. And yes, the ObamaCare replacement will guarantee insurance to people with pre-existing conditions and allow children under the age of 26 to stay on their parents’ policies.

Then there was the live tweeting by reporters during Trump’s interview with editors at The New York Times, a once-great daily newspaper now hardly fit to wrap fish.

Gotcha! All that talk that global warming was an invention of the Chinese and that man-made climate change was a hoax? See? It was just campaign hot air. 

Wrong. Well before the NYT meeting, the president-elect chose Myron Ebell, a well-known conservative critic of the climate change loonies, to head his transition team at the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Times conveniently forgot all the froth as the lefties got their flippers flapping to oppose Ebell’s appointment. He was a “climate change denier,” a “top climate change skeptic.” Oh horrors!

What the envirowackos really fear is that Ebell or a future EPA director cut from the same cloth will drastically reduce the size and scope of the EPA, halt job-killing regulations, help make America energy independent by exploiting our vast natural resources, and axe absurd taxpayer-funded grants to political activists.

Next, the Times boasted that the president-elect was walking back his pledge to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonHow Republicans got polling right in 2016 To build consensus as president, Trump should look to exit polls Mellman: The revolt of the dispossessed MORE and the Clinton Foundation.

“I don’t want to hurt the Clintons. I really don’t,” the Times quoted Trump as saying.

What the paper conveniently forgot was that, as president, Donald Trump will not need to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Clintons: Congress will take that ball and run with it. As Rep. Jason ChaffetzJason ChaffetzTrump’s smart Cabinet picks will ‘Make America Great Again’ McCarthy: Oversight will hold Trump ‘accountable’ Overnight Finance: Dems demand probe into Trump businesses | WTO rules against Boeing | Fed braces for change MORE (R-Utah) has reminded viewers on Fox News repeatedly, there are multiple, ongoing congressional investigations of the former secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation that are not going away any time soon.

Just imagine what will happen when the State Department and the FBI stops stonewalling those investigations and actually turns over documents Clinton and her supporters have tried to keep from public view? I don’t see President Trump over-ruling them to protect the Clintons.

An even more mendacious claim comes from a left-wing “nonprofit,” (i.e., a group that rips off American taxpayers so it can lobby the public and Congress for its favorite causes). The group calling itself Nation of Change is claiming that Trump is now backing off his campaign pledge to penalize companies that outsource jobs. 

The case in hand involves the Carrier air conditioner plant in Indiana. During the campaign, Trump took direct aim at the company, at one point saying he would slap a 35 percent tariff on air conditioners made by Carrier in Mexico if they sent those jobs south.

Given that this was a signature Trump campaign promise — to bring back manufacturing jobs — a reversal would be a serious allegation, if it were true. The left-wing group rips Trump for now “offering incentives” to Carrier rather than penalties. But the reporting it references from The New York Times paints a very different picture.

The president-elect tweeted that he was “working hard, even on Thanksgiving,” to keep Carrier from moving the plant to Mexico, the Times reported. What was Trump offering? To reduce the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to around 15 percent, and to ease up on job-killing regulations from the EPA and other government agencies.

Those “concessions” happen to be part of the Trump tax plan as it is being briefed and promoted by Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore, the founder of the conservative, pro-free-trade Club for Growth. 

Americans just aren’t buying this notion from Trump’s enemies that he is going to back away from his signature campaign promises. They believe he will build a wall — where needed — along the border with Mexico. They believe he will deport criminal aliens and defund sanctuary cities, lower taxes and remove job-killing regulations.

They believe he will renegotiate bad trade deals and repeal and replace ObamaCare. They believe he will revitalize our military and restore American strength, and that he will reverse President Obama’s illegal executive orders granting amnesty to illegals and a host of other things on his first day in office.

A Harvard University poll released this morning found that 64 percent of registered voters believe Donald Trump will fulfill his main campaign promises. Even more significant, given the media hype about his high negatives during the campaign, the poll found that a significant majority of Americans approved of those promises and wanted Trump to fulfill them.

A popular president doing the people’s will spells doom to the organized left. No wonder the Democrats are considering committing suicide by selected pro-Muslim-Brotherhood activist Congressman Keith Ellison to head the DNC.

They’ve got nothing left to lose.

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