How to select the proper size air conditioner unit

How to select the proper size air conditioner unit at homeThis article provides you with tips how to select a proper size air conditioner unit for in your room.

How to select the proper size air conditioner unit

When it comes to room air conditioners, it’s important to have the proper sized air conditioner.
If you have an air conditioner that’s too large for the room, it’s going to show off early and not have enough time to be humidify and remove the necessary moisture. This means it will leave you with a very cold and clammy environment on the other side if the air conditioner is too small for the environment that you’re cooling. The air conditioning will continually run never cooling the room properly and never dehumidifying the room properly and also costing you more in energy.

So how do you find the right air conditioner unit size for your room?

It’s quite simple you simply measure the square footage of the room (this is the length of the room x the width of the room). This will give you your square footage. If it’s on the main floor you multiply the square footage, if it’s a second floor or a kitchen area multiplied that square footage of the room by 40 if your ceiling height is over eight feet.

I always recommend to add 1,000 square foot for every foot over that 8-foot ceiling height.
You should also take into consideration the number of people in the room for each person over the first two individuals you must add an additional 600 square foot to use to your formula.
For this example we’re going to use a room that’s 10 by 15 happens to be on the second floor with a nine foot ceiling. A 10 by 15 room equals a hundred and fifty square feet. It’s on the second floor therefore will multiply a 540 giving us six thousand square foot.
To use we mentioned that the ceiling height was nine foot, so we want to add an additional 1,000 sq ft to use for a total of seven thousand square foot.

If you want to see more examples of how to select the proper air conditioner size unit at home, check out this video below:


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